Oracle Database Management Strategic Directions

1. Best Practices for managing Oracle database servers.
2. Oracle Fusion Middleware products like J2EE, ADF, XML, BPEL, SOA, Web Services, Discoverer...).
3. Oracle Application Servers and Apache.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oracle Open World 2009 - San Francisco Thursday October 15, 2009

Conference wrap up.   It was an outstanding conference.  Here are some of the highlights for me:
  • Conference was extremely well run.  Absolutely fantastic conference experience.
  • Excellent technical presentations on  new features for Oracle Database Server 11gR2  and Oracle  Fusion Middleware 11gR2.
  • Organization of social networking for conference.
  • Oracle ACEs dinner.
  • Oracle live streaming video.
  • Great friends.
  • OTN lounge networking.
  • Great food in San Francisco. 
  • Excellent networking and meetings during week.
  • Bus transportation for all events was excellent.
  • IOUG community at the conference.
Key summary points:
  • Oracle will spend more R&D on Java, Solaris, SPARC and other important areas.
  • Oracle 11gR2 feature/functionality is very impressive.  Overall reduces cost but adds new level of complexity for DBAs.
  • Virtualization is hot, Oracle, HP, Sun, Vmware all increasing VM technology for managing IT environments.
  • Oracle (software) + Sun (hardware) = Speed
  • Social networking for business stood out as key part of conference.
  • Oracle Fusion middleware technology is key to everything Oracle is doing in Fusion Applications.

Time to head back home.


Oracle Open World 2009 - San Francisco Wednesday October 14, 2009

Tonight is the big appreciation event at Treasure Island.  Aerosmith, The Wailers, Three Dog Night and Roger Daltrey is a great line up. New Oracle/Sun Exadata system.

Today it's time for me to take off my Fusion Middleware hat, put on my database server hat and focus on 11gR2 features and on HA areas.

Oracle 11gR2 has tons of absolutely incredible functionality, I'm very impressed. Lots of things to reduce costs and simplify management of Oracle environments.  However, there is definitely a new layer of complexity that is required to make things easier.

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) has incredible functionality and interfaces.  Very, very impressive.

Oracle RAC 11gR2 new features.  Highlights include:
  • RAC single node virtualized single instance.
  • Oracle grid infrastructure - ASM and Clusterware.
  • New installs cannot put OCR and voting files on raw partitions.  Shared file system or ASM must be used.
  • Policy and role separated cluster management.
  • Server pools - logical division of cluster into pools of servers.
  • GPnP 
  • More than one public network supported.
  • IP service discovery.
  • Grid Naming Service (GNS).
Active Data Guard New Features:
  • 11gR2 lag control and DML redirect.
  • Auto block media repair for primary and secondary platforms.
  • OBIEE and active data guard.
  • Top link and active data guard.

Daily Agenda
  • Keynote: Larry Ellison discusses the state of technology.  Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the keynote.
  • Keynote: S. Gopalakrishnan - Seven Game Changing Trends: How Prepared Are You?
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Clusterware Release 11.2
  • Active Data Guard Best Practices: Standby for More Than Disaster Recovery
  • Unconference presentations


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


At Oracle Open World Oracle, Sun, HP and Dell - They are all saying virtualization, virtualization, virtualization.   The new OS of the data center.

At a meeting last night seen the market share for the virtualization market.   It's going to get interesting.  :)

Virtualization is happening and its going to pick up speed.   Virtualization and consolidation are all about lowering cost and providing more flexibiilty and speed.   Business is mandating more and more of this.


Oracle Open World 2009 - San Francisco Tueday October 13, 2009

It's definitely a batten the hatches day in San Francisco.  The weather is dark, gloomy, rainy and windy.  However all the positive energy of the conference is the shining light.

Oracle commercials are fantastic, very funny yet are doing a great job of getting business message across.

Networking - Fantastic to get insights, perspectives, best practices, lessons learned, war stories, trends from industry leaders.  Individual meetings are as valuable as sessions.  Understanding how to network at conference is so important.  My number one advice for networking success is to always pay it forward.

PHP is now in the enterprise and has Oracle's attention.  Oracle is going to invest more and more in PHP.  PHP is now in the enterprise and is now one of top three most popular programming languages.   Oracle's doing things like leveraging PHP performance with Times Ten.  Oracle is also investing more in Python and Ruby.

Cloud is virtualization, software, provisioning and platform as a service.  Customers are looking at public, hybrid and private clouds.

Daily agenda:
  • Sun Second Life meeting - Digitial Quicksand - Time Draining Habits in a Web 2.0 world.
  • Keynote: Thomas Kurian - The Fusion message, importance of SOA/Web 2.0 apps to solve business challenges of disparate systems.  ADF interfaces with WebCenter, very impressive.  Active Data Guard in 11gR2 looks really good.
  • Keynote:  The Future of Enterprise Computing
  • Meetings
  • Hidden Gems of Oracle Data Pump
  • Rein in the Chaos and Stop the Sprawl
  • Bloggers meetup
Evening ended with NetApps party, then the bloggers event.   Bloggers event went really well.  Wrapped up the evening with a great dinner at Houston's.  Went to bed early, "You can't soar with the eagles if you hoot with the owls".


Sun at Oracle Open World

There has been a lot of energy and talk on Sun at Oracle Open World.  Presentations on Oracle Exadata with Sun hardware have been generating a lot of excitement.  James Gosling has also been very popular at the conference.


Duke at Oracle Open World

Duke has been spotted around the conference and was signing autographs at the Oracle Technology Network Lounge today.  Duke said that maybe Sakila can join him at the conference next year.

Java running on 6 billion devices with over 100 million downloads.  James Gosling had a funny line during keynote, "It's like the old story on eggs and ham.   The chicken is involved but the pig is committed."


Thoughts on Oracle Open World for DBAs

A very clear message is companies are getting a lot smarter on managing the infrastructure, application complexity and data explosion.  Virtualization is going to play an increasing role in future DBA operations.

RAC New Features in Oracle Database 11gR2

New features in Oracle Database 11gR2 for RAC and ASM are significant.  Before RAC new features were incremental in new releases.  In Oracle Database 11gR2 RAC new features are dramatic.

Show me the money
Here are some key skills that are going to increase in demand:
  • Virtualization
  • ASM
  • Storage
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware technology - SOA, JDeveloper, ADF, BPEL, Web Services, XML...


Monday, October 12, 2009

Oracle Open World 2009 - San Francisco Monday October 12, 2009

Day begins with morning keynote with Judy Simms (CMO), Safra Catz (Oracle President), Charles Phillips (Oracle President), Joel Koppleman (Primavera) and Ann Livermore (HP Exec VP).  Oracle is all about innovation and integration of technology.  Absolutely amazing the incredible feature/functionality in Oracle Database 11gR2 and Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR2.

Oracle Technology Network Lounge

Oracle Technology Network Lounge was great today. Ran into a lot of friends.  You definitely need to stop by the IOUG booth.   Lots of exciting things happening in the user group.  While there heard about a Cloud and virtualization Special Interest Groups getting started.

Thoughts for the day

Oracle Database 11gR2 New Features are going to change how companies manage Oracle databases.  Combine that with virtualization, flash storage and hardware and I can assure you Oracle DBAs have no idea how much new technology is going to change how companies manage Oracle databases.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR2 has finally achieved what they've talked about for years, high powered declarative programming for building web applications.  The interfaces for Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Developer and JDeveloper are incredibly rich with unbelievable functionality and they all integrate incredibly well together.   Allowing all the interfaces to work very well together is so powerful.  For example, going in and working with Oracle XML and going back and forth with OEM, SQL Builder and JDeveloper to work with XML structures is just incredible.  I looked at this with the rich interfaces and all I could think was "wow", allowing all the pieces to  easly integrate is absolutely empowering.  By the way, new 11gR2 XML features rock!

Oracle's leveraging of Twitter, Facebook, LiveStream, schedule builder, live updates is making this a very high ROI conference.  "It's by far the best conference experience I've ever had."

The "in" look at the conference is suit coat without the tie.

Absolutely incredible new functionality/features in Oracle 11gR2 are very important in today's corporate IT departments deailing with rigid infrastructures, application complexity and information explosion.  Too much of IT department budget is spent on operations instead of innovation.  Virtualization is key to HP's Convergence Infrastructure.

Note to IT people.  People with  virtualization (automation, provisioning, load planning) skills are going to be in high demand.

Ann Livermore from HP is an excellent speaker.   If you are on the same stage as her, you'd better be on that day.  :)

Day ended with a fantastic San Francisco evening.   Had a fun meeting with an old friend at Mel's Diner.  Then took the cable car to Fishermans' Wharf to meet some more friends for a relaxing evening.


Here comes the PRESS!

Generating a lot of online content for the Oracle Open World conference is a lot of fun.  Watch out here comes the press!


Oracle Open World 2009 - Oracle ACEs dinner

The Oracle ACEs dinner was absolutely fantastic as always.  Thanks Lillian for putting together a fantastic program. The Oracle ACEs program brings together some of the top Oracle leaders in the user community.  The picture is of the new Oracle ACE tshirt.   I love the shirts and coats we get in the ACEs program.  Information exchanged over dinner more than pays for the the price of the Oracle conference.  The Oracle ACE program is also important to me because I can make statements about Oracle version 4 or 5 and there are others there that understand what I am saying.  :)

Another great shirt from the Oracle ACEs program.  Too funny, but I like this shirt. :)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oracle Open World 2009 - San Francisco Sunday October 11, 2009

Great day at Oracle Open World:
  • Stopping by and visiting IOUG booth.  They are giving away Tips Booklet.
  • Developing Rich Internet Applications and Rich Enterprise Applications with Oracle ADF Faces    
  • Oracle Fusion Development Experience: An Oracle Application Development Framework Overview    
  • Introduction to Storing, Indexing, and Querying XML with Oracle XML Database I
  • Introduction to Storing, Indexing, and Querying XML with Oracle XML Database II
  • High-Performance Database Applications Using Oracle In-Memory Database Cache   Scott McNealy, 
  • Meeting with friends for coffee before ACEs dinner
  • Oracle ACEs dinner
  • Probably won't be able to attend the open receptions but that's okay.
Hands on labs were of extreme high quality, well organized and put together well.   I really got a lot of value out of the ADF and XML hands on labs.   I enjoyed them so much I'm having a hard time stopping myself from going back to hotel and playing with 11gR2  ADF and XML new features.   :)

Keynote with Scott McNealy, James Gosling, John Fowler and Larry Ellison was excellent.  Highly recommend you watch the online version of this.  Oracle spending over 3 billion on research and development.  Combine Oracle's budget on R&D and combine that with Sun's R&D budget and its going to create an incredible R&D environment.

Highlights of Larry Ellison during keynote:
  • SPARC is a incredible technology.
  • MySQL competes in different market. Oracle will spend more on developing MySQL.  MySQL does not compete against Oracle.
  • Sun solution offers 25% better throughput with 16x better performance response time versus IBM.
  • Sun hardware/software with Oracle software is a great combination.
  • IBM is NOT very green compared to Sun.
Scott discussed top ten innovations he is proud of:
  • NFS/PC-NFS Technology 
  • SPARC chip
  • Sun was open source before open source was cool.  
  • Solaris combining  BSD + UNIX System 5 was the solution to beat.
  • Java
  • ZFS
  • Open Storage
  • E10K - 64-way Solaris4. 
  • Project Blackbox -  datacenter on wheels
  • SunRay
  • Flash
  • Chip multithreading "CoolThreads"


Oracle Open World 2009 - San Francisco

Saturday - October 10, 2009

Really nice relaxing day in the city

I arrived in San Francisco and was able to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the city.  The Blue Angels were performing above the city and it was a great performance.  My hotel room overlooks San Francisco bay  so I was able to get a close up view of their air aerobatics, it was awesome.  With some of their maneuvers it seems they were barely skimming the tops of the buildings.

Dinner with Steve Lemme

I had a great dinner with Steve Lemme.  His insights in where the industry is going with virtualization are eye opening.   We've had a lot of discussions on virtualization and putting together a Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Oracle user community (IOUG).  It's definitely time to get this going.  Virtualization is going to be one of the hottest areas in the IT industry.





Popular Classes

  • Oracle11gR2 New Features

  • Intro to Java Programming
  • Intro to Linux for Oracle
  • Intro to PL/SQL Programming
  • Oracle11gR2 Fusion Dev Wkshp I





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