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1. Best Practices for managing Oracle database servers.
2. Oracle Fusion Middleware products like J2EE, ADF, XML, BPEL, SOA, Web Services, Discoverer...).
3. Oracle Application Servers and Apache.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hot Topics at Collaborate 07 in Las Vegas

Collaborate 07 is the largest conference of the year for the Oracle community. Collaborate 07 brings together users from the IOUG, OAUG and Quest Oracle user groups. The conference from April 14 - 19, 2007 was a very dynamic and leading edge conference bringing together the technical and business application community.

There were a number of hot topics discussed during the Collaborate 07 conference. Some of the hottest and most interesting discussions occurred during lunches, between presentations and during evening events. There are a lot of hot topics that attendees wanted to discuss with other attendees. Hot topics that stood out to me included:
  • Fusion Middleware Technical Components
  • A lot of tools discussion on .NET, Fusion Middleware, Ruby on Rails, PHP, APEX, and Flash outside of Oracle Fusion.
  • Customizations to make to current Oracle applications to prepare for future Fusion migrations.
  • Changing role of the DBA.
  • Oracle Database 11g.
  • Oracle licensing.
  • Security.
  • Oracle WebCenter and BI Publisher generated a lot of buzz.
  • SOA
  • Increasing role and importance of middleware strategies.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Best tools to manage heterogenous database environments and their relative costs. Understanding how tools like Spotlight, Grid Control, UniCenter, Toad, JDeveloper, Eclipse, SQL Navigator and SQL Developer all fit in. Is there a best tool or is it best to integrate all the options.
  • Role of MySQL and SQL Server in environments running Oracle.
I was surprised to see the number of new and intermediate DBAs looking at improving their skills on core DBA products. There were also a lot of experienced DBAs trying to understand their role and upcoming skills as we get closer to Oracle Fusion technology. DBAs are looking to increasing their marketability and skills to get the best jobs possible.

Great Tools Debate Closed the Collaborate Conference
Here is the description that described the Great Tools Debate that closed the Collaborate Conference:
Chocolate or Vanilla? Or do you like Strawberry? In the grand scheme of things, flavor choices are easy decisions to make. Picking the right "flavor" of development tool for your organization's environment is mission critical to your company and not a simple task. Selecting the right tool in your role as the "Complete Database Technology Professional" while surviving in a world of RAD and web applications requires building applications quickly that are highly maintainable, scalable with high performance.

So how can the right tools help with your company's IT strategy? How can you select the best tools? How do you leverage Middleware, Database, Application, Reporting and Quality Assurance? Tools including Java, .Net, APEX, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Flash are all flavors of the day…which do you choose?

This Great Tool Debate will address the challenges and issues of selecting the right tools for your environment. Join our panel of experts including Rich Niemiec (needs no introduction), Dr. Paul Dorsey (Oracle development award winner), George Trujillo (Mr. Fusion Middleware), and John Scott for a lively debate and discussion. Ask them what their favorite flavors are…...



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