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Monday, October 12, 2009

Oracle Open World 2009 - San Francisco Monday October 12, 2009

Day begins with morning keynote with Judy Simms (CMO), Safra Catz (Oracle President), Charles Phillips (Oracle President), Joel Koppleman (Primavera) and Ann Livermore (HP Exec VP).  Oracle is all about innovation and integration of technology.  Absolutely amazing the incredible feature/functionality in Oracle Database 11gR2 and Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR2.

Oracle Technology Network Lounge

Oracle Technology Network Lounge was great today. Ran into a lot of friends.  You definitely need to stop by the IOUG booth.   Lots of exciting things happening in the user group.  While there heard about a Cloud and virtualization Special Interest Groups getting started.

Thoughts for the day

Oracle Database 11gR2 New Features are going to change how companies manage Oracle databases.  Combine that with virtualization, flash storage and hardware and I can assure you Oracle DBAs have no idea how much new technology is going to change how companies manage Oracle databases.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR2 has finally achieved what they've talked about for years, high powered declarative programming for building web applications.  The interfaces for Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Developer and JDeveloper are incredibly rich with unbelievable functionality and they all integrate incredibly well together.   Allowing all the interfaces to work very well together is so powerful.  For example, going in and working with Oracle XML and going back and forth with OEM, SQL Builder and JDeveloper to work with XML structures is just incredible.  I looked at this with the rich interfaces and all I could think was "wow", allowing all the pieces to  easly integrate is absolutely empowering.  By the way, new 11gR2 XML features rock!

Oracle's leveraging of Twitter, Facebook, LiveStream, schedule builder, live updates is making this a very high ROI conference.  "It's by far the best conference experience I've ever had."

The "in" look at the conference is suit coat without the tie.

Absolutely incredible new functionality/features in Oracle 11gR2 are very important in today's corporate IT departments deailing with rigid infrastructures, application complexity and information explosion.  Too much of IT department budget is spent on operations instead of innovation.  Virtualization is key to HP's Convergence Infrastructure.

Note to IT people.  People with  virtualization (automation, provisioning, load planning) skills are going to be in high demand.

Ann Livermore from HP is an excellent speaker.   If you are on the same stage as her, you'd better be on that day.  :)

Day ended with a fantastic San Francisco evening.   Had a fun meeting with an old friend at Mel's Diner.  Then took the cable car to Fishermans' Wharf to meet some more friends for a relaxing evening.



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